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What Is Web Hosting? A-Z Full Tutorial

Hello there – in today’s video and article we will lift the lid on web hosting and domain names. So stay tuned if you need clarification on these issues and at the end of the video I will make some cool recommendations. Okay, first things first…

How Does Web Hosting Work And What Are Domains?

What are domain names and what is a web host and do we know how do they work together so that you can have a functioning website?

Simply put, a hosting account is where the home of your website is located. It is the hosting computer where your site lives. To have your own website you need 2 things, and they are, a domain name such as and also a website hosting account.

What Are Website Data Centers?

Many web servers computers housed in a single location by any web hosting provider are called data centers. These are large, tech heavy, secure and temperature controlled specialized buildings that contain thousands of computers at any one time.

Is It Possible To Host My Own Website?

Your hosting company will always offer you many different hosting plans, but it depends what your needs are and how much storage space you will need, and theĀ  bandwidth required for a big website or only a small site.

So here it is in a nutshell:

If you need a small website and you want an easy drag-and-drop site builder then go for Squarespace, Shopify or Wix as an option to host and build your site. But for more control, many more features, and if you want to play around and customize the website, then your choice should be a self hosted platform such as, which can be hosted in your very own hosting account. This option is offered by reputable companies such as A2 Hosting, Siteground, Bluehost, Dreamhost and many others we mentioned in the video.

What Types Of Web Hosting Are There?

If you go for the self hosted choice then you can pick from different types of hosting accounts that are available…

– #1 shared web hosting
– #2 virtual private server or VPS hosting
– #3 dedicated server hosting
– #4 managed hosting (like managed WordPress hosting)
– #5 cloud hosting

These 5 options can increase incrementally in cost, but if you’re a newbie with a small or medium size website, then the shared web hosting plan should be more than enough for you.