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Best Web Hosting In India

Hello, and this is the 9th video on how you can possibly stop yourself from making the ten most stupid mistakes when planning who your web host is going to be online. So  make a start….

In this article and the video we will delve into finding out about the best web hosting in India.  This of course mistake #9 and has to do with not knowing where the data centers are located that your hosting company uses.

We will lay down all the facts about…

1) What features are crucial when you search for a web hosting company in India?

2) Why the location of the data centers used by hosting providers are important

3) And whether local or international data centers are better and the reasons why

How Important Are Data Center Locations For Web Hosting?

And I’m also going to let the cat out of the bag about who the best web hosting providers are in India, and also how they can be rated for their data center locations. This is very important and is often missed when one chooses web hosts.

My journey online started quite some years ago and I will always remember the difficulty of sifting through the information that is available online, and how easy it was to make mistakes. So I’m determined to assist you so that you can avoid those same mistakes when searching for cheap web hosting providers in India.

These Are The Best Web Hosting Companies You Can Find In India

The list of best web hosts in India are:

– #1 Hostinger  – data centers located in Singapore
– #2 Siteground – data center server in Singapore
– #3 A2 Hosting – data center also in Singapore
– #4 GoDaddy India – data center location in Singapore
– #5 Bluehost – with data centers in the US
– #6 Big Rock – data centers in Mumbai, India

Also remember that Big Rock may be good for local search in India but it may not necessarily be ideal for reaching global searchers.