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A2 Hosting Turbo Review – We Reveal All + Discounts In Our A2 Hosting Review!

Welcome to our A2 Hosting Turbo Review video – and another thorough A2 Hosting Review article! In this review, we will take a look at the importance of site speed, and if getting A2 Hosting Turbo Boost, is a good upgrade for your web hosting account. We will also discuss the A2 hosting discount that comes with all the hosting plans that the company offers.

What Is Site Speed And How Important Is It?

Your site speed is a reflection of how fast a website will respond, when prompted with web requests. It’s critical to speed up your website as a business owner, and for all the users Internet services. The faster you can get your site speed, the happier all your users and customers will be. If you have a slow site, your visitors will always leave early and will never return. This is what’s known as “bounce rate”, and a bounce rate that is too high will negatively impact your site’s ranking in Google and the other search engines.

How can you increase the load speed of your site to below 2 seconds (or even 1 second), which is a really fast site load speed? Obviously, the quality of the hosting company you use is a huge factor, which can impact your website speed. This means that it’s essential to choose your web host carefully, so that you can get optimal site loading times.

There are quite a number of great hosting providers in the industry, that will guarantee you good website load speeds, but there is one hosting company that has created a unique hosting option that specifically addresses this issue.

What Are A2 Turbo Boost And Turbo Max?

A2 Hosting recently added the options of Turbo Boost and Turbo Max to it’s Shared Hosting plans. These are the more expensive shared hosting plans, but they do offer special speed features, so let’s see exactly what you could get for your hard earned cash.

The A2 Shared Hosting plans are all  hosted on the Swift-Server platform. This is a platform that offers special tools, like solid-state drives, (or SSDs), as well as a free CDN (Content Delivery Network). Also possible, is for you to choose the A2 hosting data center location you prefer, so that your site will always be closer geographically to your customers. This improves their user experience, and will automatically improve click through rates as well.

With A2 Hosting Turbo Boost and Turbo Max, you will be able to utilize the A2 Turbo Servers, which gives your website a 20 x faster load speed. A fast site speed is a great advantage when compared to the much slower load speeds that other hosting companies offer.

What Are The Technical Details And Where Can You Find The Turbo Options?

The Turbo Boost and Turbo Max options, can be found in the Shared Hosting section of the A2 website. The monthly cost is a bit more, but for that you get 20 x more website speed as well as some other added features. The Turbo Max plan will also give you more resources per user, and fewer users on every server, which creates even more site speed advantages.

These are the techy details, you will get by using the Turbo Servers – The servers are powered with Turbo Cache, and use less memory, can handle any  connections much faster, and thereby provides enhanced stability. This results in 3 x faster site speeds, for all Read & Write functions, as well as a 30% faster CPU Performance. You will also get access to WordPress Lite Speed Cache, which optimally communicates with the Turbo Server, and caches all dynamic WordPress pages statically,  reducing page load times even further.

If this all sounds very technical and confusing, then you just need to remember that you get a 20 times increase in load speeds for your website, which is excellent. The Turbo Boost kicks off at $9.99/month, with a 52% discount (36-month option).

The more costly Turbo Max plan starts at $14.99/month, with a 42% discount, on the 36-month option.

Is The Faster Performance Worth The Extra Cost?

And now we would like to know your verdict –  are A2 Turbo Boost and Turbo Max worth the extra cost? We think, definitely – YES! The more expensive prices are justified because of the amazing 20 x faster site load speeds you can achieve. But why not go and try these options for yourself? Your existing A2 Shared Hosting plan can also be upgraded to a Turbo Plan, which makes it very convenient.

OK, so that’s it for this review. Click the link under the video if you want to find out further details about A2 Hosting Turbo Boost or Turbo Max.