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Best Cheap Web Hosting

In this article we will take a look at the ten mistakes to avoid when you choose your website hosting.

We will discuss how to  find the best cheap web hosting including a free SSL certificate. Also how you can avoid mistake number ten –  to choose a new hosting company with huge discounts. So this is our last article or (video number 10) in our ten video series about finding the best web hosting company.

We are going to look at:

1) The features you should look for when you search for the best possible cheap website hosting services

2) What an SSL certificate is and why you should need one for your site

3) What the dangers are when you partner with a new website hosting company

Here is a list of the ten best cheap hosting providers that also provide a  free SSL certificate (monthly charges in US dollars):

Bluehost – $2.75 / month
Hostgator – $2.75 / month
Inmotion – $2.49 / month
A2 hosting – $3.92 / month
Siteground – $6.99 / month
GoDaddy – $4.99 / month
Ipage – $1.99 / month
Dreamhost – $2.59 / month
Hostpapa – $3.95 / month

That was the conclusion of our ten part video series discussing the 10 mistakes you should avoid when you  choose your  web hosting for a website or for your business online. We will be writing more good articles about broader topics about the same subject soon, so feel free to visit our web site as often as possible so that you don’t miss out on our quality content.