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How To Find The Best Web Hosting For A Blog

This is the 6th in my series about mistakes you must avoid when you choose your web hosting, so let’s get going.

In this video and article we will look at how to discover the best web hosting for a blog and also, whether free web hosting is a always good idea for a new blog. This is mistake #6 or video #6 in this 10 video sequence on how you should choose the best web hosting company out there.

What needs to be discussed is….

– #1, whether web hosting required for your blog
– #2, which web hosting one needs for a blog
– #3, if using a free web host is a good idea for blog sites

And later on I’m going to advise you about who the best web hosting providers are if you want to launch your own blog site and which web hosts you should use if you want free hosting. This is crucial when choosing the correct web host and is also a mistake that most website owners always struggle with.

Okay, so here we go – if you’re a newbie in the online business space and you are launching a new website¬† or your own ecommerce store, then it’s probably going to be a blog site. Remember that all websites require a domain name which anyone can purchase from a domain registrar like Namecheap or GoDaddy for instance. The second crucial thing your new website needs is a web host to host your website on.

I know you are excited to find out, so here are the answers….

These are the best web hosting companies you can decide on for a blog:

– Squarespace
– Medium
– WP Engine
– A2Hosting
– Bluehost
– Hostgator
– Dreamhost

These are of course all good starter hosting companies for new bloggers.

And the free web hosts that you should be looking at are:

– Wix
– WordPress
– Infinityfree
– Triplezerowebhost
– Hostinger
– Freehostier
– Awardspace
– Freehosting