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A2 Hosting Review – Interested In A2 Hosting Turbo Boost?

Welcome to another one of our A2 Hosting Reviews! In this video and article we will be take a closer look at A2 Hosting Turbo Boost, so get ready, especially if you would like to boost your site in Google, and how get a discount as well.

At A2 Hosting, the saying goes, “Our Speed, Your Success”. But do we know what this means? A big factor with all A2 Hosting Plans, is that this hosting company attaches a lot of importance to site load speed,  to improve the experience of all web site owners. To have your website load in less than 2 seconds, and preferably below 1 second, is now the industry standard, and will assist you to rank well in search engines like Google, and also give your visitors a much better browsing experience.

Is Site Speed Really A Big Deal?

Site speed is always a vital component with any great hosting plan. That is why A2 Hosting goes the extra mile to help you achieve this. But how does it work?

All your sites are hosted on the A2 Swift-Server platform. This platform includes special tools, like SSD  (solid-state drives),  and a free CDN (Content Delivery Network). You can also decide on the location of the data centers that you prefer. This means your site can be hosted geographically much closer to your site visitors, which will improve their user experience.

There is also the A2 Hosting Turbo Boost plan, which we will discuss in this video this video. If you decide to use the A2 Turbo Servers, then you’ll achieve 20 times faster site load speeds for your pages, compared to much slower load speeds that most other web site hosting companies provide.

You can select either the Turbo Boost or Turbo Max option, if you choose a A2 Shared Hosting Plan. The monthly payments are slightly higher for these plans, but that’s why you get the extra speed and additional features. Here are some more details….

What Is A2 Turbo Boost?

If you are more technically minded, then these details will interest you. The 20 x faster speed option, is offered with both Turbo Boost and Turbo Max plans. But the Turbo Max plan gives you more resources per user, and there are also fewer users per server, which allows you to have more speed advantages.

The impressive Turbo Servers, are powered by OP and Turbo Cache, they use less CPU & memory, they handle connections faster, and they provide improved stability. The end result is 3 x faster speeds for Read & Write, as well as CPU Performance which is up to 30% faster. You will also get access to WordPress Lite Speed Cache, which communicates with the Turbo Server, and statically caches all the dynamic WordPress pages, while reducing page load time drastically for your website.

Are Turbo Boost And Turbo Max Affordable?

All this techno babble might sound confusing but don’t worry. Just only need to remember that you get 20 x faster site load speed, and that is as fast as it gets. The price for a Turbo Boost plan starts at $9.99/month, with the 36-month option, and a 52% discount.

The Turbo Max plan on the other hand, starts at $14.99/month, and a 42% discount, with the 36-month option.

What Is Our Turbo Boost Verdict?

So there you have all the details you need to make a decision. And what verdict did we decide on with the A2 Hosting Turbo Boost options? Are they worth the extra money that you pay, and is it worth having 20 x faster site loading speed? We thought, definitely – YES! And the reasons why are…

A recent study done by scientists in the Aberdeen Group, proved that a tiny 1 second delay with your page load time, can easily cause a 7% decrease in your site conversion rates. Your site’s visitor satisfaction is also reduced by 16%, and this results in at least a 11% reduction in your page views. So, don’t fall victim to hosting companies that offer slow site speeds!

We hope you enjoyed the article and  the video, and there is more A2 Hosting Turbo Boost information if you click the link below the video. All the best with building your business and your websites. Please hit the bell to subscribe, and we will see you in our next video.