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A2 Hosting Plans – Best Cheap WordPress Hosting?

Interested in buying the Best Cheap WordPress Hosting? Discover more about all the A2 Hosting Plans in this article and video. This is a quick summary of the  A2 Hosting company, and all the A2 Hosting Plans that you can consider for your website.

There are a few good, web hosting companies out there, and A2 Hosting, is one of the best hosting providers you can choose. They have some good, cheap hosting plans on offer, so let’s look at the best entry-level plans, that A2 Hosting has available.

What Hosting Plans Does A2 Hosting Offer?

There are numerous types of hosting, that A2 Hosting can offer – Shared Hosting, WordPress Hosting, VPS (Virtual Private Server) Hosting, Dedicated Hosting and Reseller Hosting. But if you have an entry-level website, then we recommend the Shared Hosting Options from A2 Hosting.

The Shared Hosting Plan allows you to choose 4 options, depending on the hosting needs you have and the size of your budget. First, there’s the Startup Plan, which starts at $2.99/month and comes with a 66% discount. Next up is the Drive Plan, which starts at $4.99/month and comes with a 58% discount.

This is followed by the Turbo Boost Plan, which starts at $9.99/month and has a 50% discount. And lastly, there is the Turbo Max Plan, which starts at $14.99/month and a 40% discount. Please take note, that these low monthly prices are based on the 36 month plans, and that they need to be paid in full when you complete the sign-up.

How Do You Get The Lowest Monthly Price Option?

You will also notice, that as the price of the plan options goes up, more new features and resources can be attached to the plans. All the options on offer have a solid, 30 day, money back guarantee, and also include free site migration, if you want to move your old site from other web hosts to the A2 Hosting account.

The Startup option is limited to one site only, and it only has 100 GB storage space available. This is plenty of storage space for your website though. With the Drive, Turbo Boost, as well as the Turbo Max options, you get unlimited site storage capacity, and it allows you to build unlimited amounts of sites within your hosting account.

Additionally, the Turbo Boost, as well as the Turbo Max options, offer you much faster site load speeds, and you also get more resources offered to you when choosing the Turbo Max option.

What’s The Best Plan For A Small Website?

If you are still an entry-level site owner, and if you are hosting a small or medium size website, for your  blog and/or business, then choose the Startup option or possibly the Drive option, because these are more than enough for all the hosting needs you will require. The only slight difference between the two, is the size of  the site storage capacity on offer, and also that you can host unlimited web sites within the Drive Option.

And finally, there is the price option you need to consider. You will pay the lowest monthly amount, if you choose the 36-month option, but always remember that you must pay the full amount upfront, when you choose this option for your hosting plan.

You can watch the above video to see the prices you will pay, when you choose between the 36-month, 24-month, 12-month, and the monthly options. In the video you can view the prices for the A2 Startup Plan.

And the video also shows you the prices for the 36-month, 24-month, 12-month, and the monthly options, if you choose the A2 Drive Plan. You will also notice, that the biggest discount, of 61%, is offered with the 36-month option. So if you select the 36-month option, you will pay only $4.99/month, and not the $12.99/month, that you will have to pay if you select the monthly option.

Does A2 Hosting Get Our Endorsement?

And what is our verdict? Do the A2 Hosting plans offer value for money and are they affordable? And our answer is, YES! The A2 Web Hosting prices for shared hosting are very competitive, compared the other good web hosting providers out there, and they offer good, cheap, and very reliable hosting. You can click the link under the video if you want more information about A2 Hosting.

Thank you for watching, and we hope that you enjoyed our video.  Please leave your comment below this video, and tell us about your own web hosting experiences. Also remember to hit the bell for notification, and also hit the like button. Good luck with creating your online business, and we shall see you soon in our next video.