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A2 Hosting Review – Is A2 Hosting The Real Deal?

Are you searching for reliable web hosting? I’m sure you must have heard about A2 web hosting already. They are definitely one of the more popular hosting providers out there. But are A2 Hosting the real deal? Stick around, and watch our video below, so we can find out if they are as good as they seem to be!

So what features do you want in a hosting company? Site speed is very important to many, and A2 Hosting lays claim to being the fastest hosting service in the industry. All online tests demonstrate that they are up there in the Top 3. Site speed is crucial, and it has a huge impact on your website’s bounce rate, your SEO rankings, visitor satisfaction, and your conversion rate.

How Important Is Site Speed?

But remember, site speed is not the only factor you must focus on when you choose your hosting provider! Let’s consider the other features that are important, to ensure, that your hosting provider gives you the best possible service. Let’s see if A2 Hosting can furtherĀ  improve on the hosting experience for your site….

Firstly, you need a web host who is very reliable, with minimal amounts of downtime, so you are able to maximize your site earnings. A2 Hosting has a great reputation for being reliable. In fact, they confidently back their hosting plans with a 99.9% Uptime Commitment!

Secondly, A2 Hosting also claim to be very developer friendly. They make the best software available to developers, and developers get support for the latest versions of Apache, MariaDB, PHP, Node.js and MySQL.

Is Good Customer & Tech Support Vital?

And thirdly, their good customer & technical support is another important component, that you can’t compromise about, when you choose a hosting provider. A2 Hosting have named it their “Guru Crew Support System”. They have an expert support team on permanent 24/7 standby, 365 days per year, for phone, live chat, or email support.

But let’s see if real A2 customers agree? After all, the best way to test customer support levels, is to ask existing customers to reveal their real-life web hosting experiences. And, as you can see in the above video and at the A2 website, their customer support is pretty much up there, and can compete with the best hosting companies out there.

What Is Our Verdict?

So, at first glance, A2 Hosting appear to be a great website hosting provider, that site owners can trust for your website’s hosting requirements. In the next A2 Hosting video reviews, we will look more closely at further aspects, features and services offered by this hosting company.

I hope you enjoyed our quick A2 Hosting review video and we hope to see you again in the next video. Please remember to leave your comments under the video, about your web hosting experiences. Please also ‘like’ the video and hit the bell, to be notified of more videos. Good luck with your journey online, and we will see you in our next video.