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Best Web Hosting For Beginners

Welcome – this is my first video and article in the ten part video series discussing the worst ten errors you should avoid when you are looking for the best possible web hosting.

In this article I am going to discuss mistake number 1 that should be avoided when you choose your website hosting service provider. I am going to write about understanding all your options as well as explaining the difference between a shared hosting, a VPS hosting and  a dedicated hosting account. Towards the end of the article and video I’m will tell you how you can avoid this mistake so it won’t lose any time and money.

We all need a good web site but if you’ve been around  for a while then you know about making hasty and wrong decisions when you choose your hosting company. I’ve been there, and I’ve made bad decisions and some bad mistakes, and it’s cost me a lot of time and money. Also many hours, days and weeks of misery as well.

What Is Shared Hosting And What Is Dedicated Server Hosting?

Let’s discuss shared hosting vs dedicated hosting, also known as vps hosting. Does it matter? Yes it does!

Shared web hosting shares server hardware and all the resources with the other users. This means that other site owners share your server computer that your site is hosted on. This can save money but your website can have very slow loading times, latency problems (if other sites on the shared server need more resources than your site. Your website can have a lot of downtime when servers crash. Also, your website can have reduced storage space problems that will impact on the ability for you to grow your site.

With dedicated web hosting packages you get your website hosted by a dedicated server computer, which means you don’t share the hardware or the resources with all the other site owners. This allows you more reliability and much less downtime for the site. You will also get much faster download speeds and you will get a lot more storage space for all your data. But it might be the more costly of the 2 options that you will have to choose from.