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Best Web Hosting For Ecommerce

Welcome! And this is to my 7th video in this series about mistakes one must look out for with choosing a web host. Let’s make a start!

This video will deal with finding the best web hosting for ecommerce.  Also, I will tell you how to avoid the favorite “unlimited resources” trick that hosting companies often use. This is mistake number seven that you need to avoid when you are starting out online.

This is what we are going to discuss…

– #1, the different types of web hosting that are available for any ecommerce store
– #2, is a shopping cart platform essential for an ecommerce store?
– #3, how not to fall for the “unlimited resources” trick

The favorite trick that some hosting companies use, is to advertise the availability of unlimited website hosting plans to customers, but be warned – if it sounds just too good to possibly be true then it is. Most hosting companies will not admit that they have limited data storage capacities that depend on the number of  data centers they own (especially with data centers in high demand countries like India just for example). They actually are just shared hosting plans and it’s important that you always read all the fine print.  They all have their limitations – for example, limiting the number of products that your e-commerce store can list, or limiting the data storage for your site, or limiting bandwidth and the speed at which your website loads.

Earlier I said that I will tell you who the best web hosts are for building your ecommerce store and that I also would reveal the best ecommerce platforms (also called shopping carts) that you should choose. Here are all the answers….

These Are The Best eCommerce Hosting Providers

– A2 Hosting – best for all around e-commerce hosting
– Dreamhost – best for beginner plans
– Siteground – best for higher priced ecommerce
– Bluehost – the best choice if you want great uptime
– Inmotion Hosting – the best ecommerce option for scalability
– Hostgator – best for low cost hosting

These Are The Best eCommerce Shopping Cart Platforms (they include standalone and all inclusive hosting options)

– Shopify & Shopify Plus
– Big Commerce
– Magento
– Woocommerce
– Squarespace
– Wix